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    Take the Learning Journey

    If you’re new to CAP, we recommend visiting our CAP Learning Journey, which provides a guided tour through the most relevant sources of information available in different places, including introductions, blogs, tutorials, and online courses.

    Learn the Bigger Scope

    Looking for more information about how to develop and deploy applications on SAP Businesss Technology Platform (BTP) in a broader scope? → Find that in the SAP BTP Application Development Tutorial.

    Public Resources

    Internal Resources

    Consulting Hours

    Together with SAP Fiori colleagues, we conduct a weekly consulting hour every Wednesday, 10:00 CET.

    Reporting Incidents

    As registered SAP customers, report issues by creating incidents in SAP Support Portal, using these components to reach us:

    • BC-XS-CDX for CAP in general
    • BC-XS-CDX-COR for CDS and Compiler
    • BC-XS-CDX-JAV for Java Runtime
    • BC-XS-CDX-NJS for Node.js Runtime
    • BC-XS-CDX-TLS for Tools, IDEs, Build, Deployment

    See also section Getting Support in the SAP BTP documentation.


    Area Contact
    CPO, Management Daniel Hutzel, Martin Botschek
    Program Management Sebastian Schmidt, Michael Hellenschmidt
    PO CDS Language & Compiler Steffen Weinstock
    PO Node.js Runtime Sebastian van Syckel
    PO Java Runtime Andreas Schoesser, Michael Hellenschmidt
    PO Tools Christian Georgi
    PO Extensibility & Multitenancy Christian Paulus
    Architecture Wolfgang Koch, Nik Josipovic, Michael Spahn
    Security Matthias Braun
    User Assistance & Documentation Iwona Hahn, René Jeglinsky
    SAP Business Application Studio Yuval Anafi, Liat Borenshtein
    SAP Fiori & UIs Katja Zoch
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