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    Resources and Support

    If you are new to CAP

    Public Resources

    Reporting Incidents

    As registered SAP customers, report issues by creating incidents in SAP Support Portal, using these components to reach us:

    • BC-XS-CDX for CAP in general
    • BC-XS-CDX-COR for CDS and Compiler
    • BC-XS-CDX-JAV for CAP Java SDK
    • BC-XS-CDX-NJS for Node.js Runtime
    • BC-XS-CDX-TLS for Tools, IDEs, Build, Deployment

    See also section Getting Support in the SAP BTP documentation.


    Currently there aren’t planned events.

    Find here all available information on future and past events.

    Customers Using CAP

    These are selected customers, including SAP’s own applications and products, that use CAP in their projects: