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May 2018 - Feb 2019

February 2019

  • You can now specify the maximum number of records per page when returning the result set of your query on an entity. See Pagination.

  • CDS 3.5.0 is now available on npm with the following changes:

    • Use cds compile -2 xsuaa to generate default values for xsappname and tenant-mode.
    • Display help for a command by using --help. Earlier, only the following command was allowed: cds help <command>.
    • Node.js 8.9 is the minimum required Node.js version. Check your version with node -v.
    • cds build emits a warning for existing projects to add build task configurations.

January 2019

  • By deleting an entity, any entities that are associated to it by the composition relationship also get deleted automatically. For example, by deleting a SalesOrder entity, all related SalesOrderLineItems entities are also deleted.

  • CDS 3.4.0 is now available on npm. With this release, executing cds compile -2 xsuaa supports base models.

October 2018

With the application programming model, you can now:

  • Define an element in an entity to contain media data.
  • Create an entity and its associated entities in the SAP HANA database by overriding the generic Create operation.
  • Enable caching of the metadata from an OData service that you're trying to consume.
  • Execute actions and functions bound to an entity based on conditional checks using ETag.
  • Use case-insensitive conditions in CDS Query API.
  • Filter on the properties of child entities when consuming an OData V2 data source.

CDS 2.10.1 is now available on npm. With this new version the development of Draft pages is supported.

The new CDS version also includes updates to the following components:

  • cds-compiler 1.1.3
    Adding ; before } is optional.

  • cds-services 0.11.0
    C_UD operations on draft-enabled entities are supported.

  • cds-ql 0.11.0
    String values in the .where property are supported.

September 2018

CDS 2.9.1 is now available on npm. This new version includes:

  • @sap/cds/common now includes annotations for @title, @description
  • The cds command now supports reading from stdin. For example:
echo 'entity Foo {ID:UUID;}' | cds -2 sql
echo 'entity Foo {ID:UUID;}' | cds -2 sql
  • Use cds-2 sql on the command line to get plain SQL.
  • Use cds -2 hana to get SAP HANA CDS.
  • Use cds env to see your CDS configuration.
    Use cds help env to learn more.

CDS 2.8.1 is now available on npm. This new version includes:

  • Support to build Node.js service modules.
  • New cds init command to create projects with the application programming model template. The @sap/generator-cds plugin is automatically installed when init is called for the first time. The cds new command is still available and can be used instead of cds init.

August 2018

  • You can now use string, math, date and arithmetic functions with the $filter system query option when consuming an OData data source. See Filter Functions.
  • You can now access SAP performance statistics for each request to your service. See SAP Performance Statistics.

June 2018

  • isCountCall method of the QueryRequest object. This API is useful when you want to execute code that is specific to the $count system query option in the BeforeQuery or AfterQuery hooks.

  • You must now return an InitTransactionResponse object from the InitTransaction hook. If any of your validation checks fail in the For enterprise global accounts, administrators can now provide legal links per global account for predefined categories such as You can now conditionally check whether the service request contains the $count system query option using the InitTransaction hook, you can end the transaction by returning an error in this response object.

  • You can now use the string functions tolower and toupper with the filter query string operator.

May 2018

You can now develop business applications quickly and easily, focusing on your domain logic using the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. It offers a consistent end-to-end development experience tailored for SAP Cloud Platform.