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    Remote Services

    Class cds.RemoteService is a service proxy class to consume remote services via different protocols, like OData or plain REST.

    cds.RemoteService class

    class cds.RemoteService extends cds.Service

    cds.RemoteService — Configuration

    CSRF-Token Handling

    If the remote system you want to consume requires it, you can enable the new CSRF-token handling of @sap-cloud-sdk/core via configuration options: csrf: true/false and csrfInBatch: true/false. These options allow to configure CSRF-token handling for each remote service separately. Global configuration cds.env.features.fetch_csrf = true is deprecated.

    "cds": {
        "requires": {
            "API_BUSINESS_PARTNER": {
                "kind": "odata",
                "model": "srv/external/API_BUSINESS_PARTNER",
                "csrf": true,
                "csrfInBatch": true

    See Using Destinations for more details on destination configuration.

    More to Come

    This documentation is not complete yet, or the APIs are not released for general availability. There’s more to come in this place in upcoming releases.