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    Getting Started

    About “Capire”

    “Capire” (Italian for ‘understand’) is the name of our CAP documentation you’re looking at right now. It’s organized as follows:

    • About CAP — a brief introduction and overview of key concepts
    • Getting Started — a few guides to get you started quickly
    • Cookbook — task-oriented guides from an app developer’s point of view
    • Advanced — additional guides re peripheries and deep dives
    • Tools - choose your preferred tools
    • Reference docs → for CDS, Java, Node.js
    • Releases - information about what is new and what has changed
    • Resources — links to other sources of information
    Local Setup

    Please keep in mind that CAP supports both stacks: Node.js and Java. For Java projects please follow the Java-based variant of this guide.

    With the first steps below, you can go for a minimal local setup as follows:

    1. Install Node.js → always use the latest LTS version.
    2. Install SQLite (only required on Windows).
    3. Install @sap/cds-dk globally with:

      npm i -g @sap/cds-dk
      cds # test it

    Problems? → See the troubleshooting guide.

    Also use our tools to improve your development experience.