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CAP Service SDK for Node.js

Reference Documentation

As an application developer you'd primarily use the Node.js APIs documented herein to implement domain-specific custom logic along these lines:

  1. Define services in CDS → see Cookbook > Providing & Consuming Services
  2. Add service implementations → cds.Service > Implementations
  3. Register custom event handlers in which → srv.on/before/after
  4. Read/write data from other services in which → + cds.ql
  5. ..., i.e. from your primary database → cds.DatabaseService
  6. ..., i.e. from other connected services → cds.RemoteService
  7. Emit and handle asynchronous events → cds.MessagingService

All the rest is largely handled by the CAP runtime framework behind the scenes. This especially applies to bootstrapping the cds.server and the generic features provided through cds.ApplicationService.