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The CAP Cookbook

Guides and Recipes for Common Tasks

The following figure illustrates a walkthrough of the most prominent tasks within CAP's universe of discourse (aka scope). The guides contained in this section provide details and instructions about each.


Domain Modeling
Most projects start with capturing the essential objects of their domain in a respective domain model. Find here an introduction to the basics of domain modeling with CDS, complemented with recommended best practices.
Providing Services
This guide introduces how to define and implement services, leveraging generic implementations provided by the CAP runtimes, complemented by domain-specific custom logic.
Consuming Services
Learn how to use uniform APIs to consume local or remote services.
CAP provides intrinsic support for emitting and receiving events. This is complemented by Messaging Services connecting to message brokers to exchange event messages across remote services.
Learn about CAP's intrinsic querying capabilities, which allows clients to request the exact data they need, and are key enablers for serving requests automatically.
This guide will help you to learn about defining, providing, implementing, deploying, and publishing services — so it's about _Service Providers_ in general.
This guide explains how to restrict access to data by adding respective declarations to CDS models, which are then enforced in service implementations.
Localization, i18n
Guides you through the steps to internationalize your application to provide localized versions with respect to both Localized Models as well as Localized Data.
Localized Data
This guide extends the localization/i18n of static content, such as labels or messages, to serve localized versions of actual application data.
Temporal Data
CAP provides out-of-the-box support for declaring and serving date-effective entities with application-controlled validity, in particular to serve as-of-now and time-travel queries.
Media Data
CAP provides out-of-the-box support for serving media and other binary data.
Data Privacy
CAP helps application projects to comply with data privacy regulations using SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) services.
Introducing the fundamental concepts of multitenancy, underpinning SaaS solutions in CAP. It describes how to run and test apps in multitenancy mode with minimized setup and overhead.
Learn here about instrinsic capabilities to extend your applications in verticalization and customization scenarios.
Learn here about the essential steps to deploy a CAP application to SAP BTP Cloud Foundry environment, and options to operate them.