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Learn here about instrinsic capabilities to extend your applications in verticalization and customization scenarios.

Extensibility of CAP applications is greatly fueled by CDS Aspects, which allow to easily extend existing models with new fields, entities, relationships, or new or overridden annotations → Learn more about using CDS Aspects in the Domain Modeling guide.


As illustrated in the graphic above, different parties can build and deploy CDS Aspects-based extensions:

  • Customizations – Customers of SaaS solutions (i.e. subscribers of which) need options to tailor these to their needs, again using CDS Aspects to add custom fields and entities.

  • Toggled Features – SaaS providers can offer pre-built enhancement features, for example, specialization for selected industries, which can be switched on selectively per tenant using Feature Toggles.

  • Composition – Finally, 3rd parties can provide pre-built extension packages for reuse, which customers can pick and compose into own solutions.

  • Verticalization – 3rd parties can provide verticalized versions of a given base application, which they can in turn operate as verticalized SaaS apps.

The following guides give detailed information to each of these options.

Extend SaaS Apps
This guide explains how subscribers of SaaS applications can extend these on tenant level, thereby customizing them for their specific needs.
Key-User Extensibility
Instead of having developers caring for customizations in extension projects, we also support options to add extension fields for less tech-savvy people. This guide centers on using the combination of SAPUI5 flexibility with CAP.
Feature Toggles
Toggled features are pre-built extensions built by the provider of a SaaS application, which can be switched on selectively per subscriber.
Reuse & Compose
Learn how to compose enhanced, verticalized solutions by reusing content from other projects, and adapt them to your needs by adding extensions or projections.