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Deploy using CI/CD Pipelines

Learn here about how to automate deployments using CI/CD pipelines.

SAP CI/CD Service

SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery is a service on SAP BTP, which lets you configure and run predefined continuous integration and delivery pipelines. It connects with your Git SCM repository and in its user interface, you can easily monitor the status of your builds and detect errors as soon as possible, which helps you prevent integration problems before completing your development.

SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery has a ready-to-use pipeline for CAP, that is applicable to Node.js, Java and multitarget application (MTA) based projects. It does not require you to host your own Jenkins instance and it provides an easy, UI-guided way to configure your pipelines.

Try the tutorial Configure and Run a Predefined SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) Pipeline to configure a CI/CD pipeline that builds, tests, and deploys your code changes.

Learn more about SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery.

CI/CD Pipelines with SAP Piper

You can set up continuous delivery in your software development project, applicable to both SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and SAP on-premise platforms. SAP implements tooling for continuous delivery in project Piper.

Try the tutorial Add Automated System Tests for CAP-Based Projects to Your CI/CD Pipeline to create system tests against a CAP-based sample application and automate your tests through a CI/CD pipeline.

Learn more about project Piper

GitHub Actions

GitHub offers continuous integration workflows using GitHub Actions. In our SFlight sample, we use GitHub Actions in two simple workflows to test our samples on current Node.js and Java versions.

We also defined our own actions and use them in a custom workflow.