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Welcome to CAP

The Cloud Application Programming Model

Building Cloud-native Applications with Maximized Productivity at Minimized Costs, based on Proven Best Practices Served Out of the Box.


Jumpstart & Grow as You Go

Jumpstart with minimum setup. Develop locally in fast turn-arounds with mocked production services. Add things only when they are actually required.


Intrinsic Cloud Qualities

Multitenancy, Extensibility, Security, Scalability, Resilience, Messaging, Observability, ... CAP facilitates these to great extents in platform-agnostic ways.


Enterprise Best Practices

Proven best practices for Authorization, Localization/i18n, Localized Data, Temporal Data, Data Privacy, Verticalization are served out-of-the-box.


Focus on Domain

All this + CDS to capture intent instead of imperative coding, greatly reduces boilerplate, and fosters close collaboration of developers and domain experts.