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SAP Cloud Appl ication Programming Model (CAP) roundtable:


Quarterly call where developers from customers and partn ers can share tips and tricks with each other\, ask the product team quest ions about how to use the software\, or make suggestions about product imp rovements.


In addition th e CAP product team will demonstrate selected features and framework enhanc ements


More Information an d Agenda you can find here: https://bl mer-roundtable/


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Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer\, mobile app or room device

Click here to join t he meeting

Meeting ID: 331 695 58 4 390
Pass code: udYqSA

< b>Or call in (audio only)

+49 69 365057719\,\,122789742#  \; Germany\, Frankfurt am Main

0800 1838137\,\,122789742#  \; Germany (Toll-free) < /span>

Phone Conferen ce ID: 122 789 742#

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