Core Data & Services (CDS)

How Do I Resolve Installation Issues with NPM?

How Do I Consume a New Version of CDS?


How to Get an SAP HANA Instance on SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry Environment?

See the SAP HANA service on SAP Cloud Platform.

How Do I Resolve Service Creation Errors?

How Do I Resolve Deployment Errors?

Deployment fails with Cyclic dependencies found or Cycle between files

Root Cause This is a known issue with older HDI/HANA versions, which are offered on trial landscapes.
Solution Apply the workaround of adding --treat-unmodified-as-modified as argument to the hdi-deploy command in db/package.json. This option redeploys files, even if they haven’t changed. If you’re the owner of the SAP HANA installation, ask for an upgrade of the SAP HANA instance.

Deployment fails with Version incompatibility

Root Cause An error like Version incompatibility for the ... build plugin: "2.0.x" (installed) is incompatible with "2.0.y" (requested) indicates that your project demands a higher version of SAP HANA than what is available in your org/space on the Cloud Foundry environment. The error might not occur on other landscapes for the same project.
Solution Lower the version in file db/src/.hdiconfig to the one given in the error message. If you’re the owner of the SAP HANA installation, ask for an upgrade of the SAP HANA instance.

Deployment fails with Cannot create certificate store

Root Cause If you deploy to SAP HANA from a local Windows machine, this error might occur if the SAP CommonCryptoLib isn’t installed on this machine. It’s required by the SAP HANA client to manage certificates locally.
Solution To install it, follow these instructions. The SAPCar tool can be installed from here.


Multitarget Application (MTA)

Why Does My MTA Build Fail?

How Can I Define the Build Order Between MTA Modules?

By default the MTA build tool executes module builds in parallel. If you want to enforce a specific build order, for example, because one module build relies on the outcome of another one, check the Configuring Build Dependencies section in the tool documentation.

How Do I Undeploy an MTA?

cf undeploy <mta-id> deletes an MTA (use cf mtas to find the MTA ID).

Use the optional --delete-services parameter to also wipe service instances. Caution: This deletes the HDI containers with the application data.

Cloud Foundry

How do I get Started with Cloud Foundry Environment of SAP Cloud Platform?

For a start, create your Trial Account.

How Can I Connect to a Backing Service Container like SAP HANA from My Local Machine?

Depending on, whether the container host is reachable and whether there’s a proxy between your machine and the cloud, one of the following options applies: