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    CAP-related Terms and Acronyms

    CAP — shorthand for “SAP Cloud Application Programming Model”
    Not an official name, though.
    capire — Italian for ‘understand’
    … and the title of these pages and documentation of CAP.
    tl;dr — too long; didn’t read
    a common social phenomenon these days. Therefore, capire is rather meagre with text and greased with code. You have to read between the lines, sorry.

    CDS — Core Data and Services
    a family of languages, tools and libraries to declare, process and consume conceptual, semantically enriched data models.
    CDL — CDS Definition Language
    a human-readable representation of CDS models.
    CSN — Core Schema Notation
    a plain (JavaScript) object-based representation of CDS models.
    (pronounce like ‘Ceason’)
    CQL — CDS Query Language
    an extension of SQL leveraging Associations defined in CDS models.
    (pronounce like ‘Cequel’)
    CQN — Core Query Notation
    a plain (JavaScript) object-based representation to capture queries.
    (also contained in CSN)
    CXN — Core Expression Notation
    a plain (JavaScript) object-based representation to capture expressions.
    (also contained in CQN)

    JSON — JavaScript Object Notation
    a lightweight data-interchange format. Although based on a minimal subset of JavaScript, JSON is meanwhile broadly adopted in all major languages.
    YAML — YAML Ain’t Markup Language
    a human-friendly data-serialization language and alternative to JSON. Original: Yet Another Markup Language

    OData — The OData Standard
    Languages and protocols to expose and consume data-oriented REST services
    CSDL — Common Schema Definition Language
    the language within OData to declare service interfaces
    EDM — Entity Data Model
    the meta model of OData definitions
    EDMX — Entity Data Model XML
    the metadata file of OData definitions in XML format